Ignore Pinterest! 7 simple ways to celebrate the people you love… without spending a lot of money, fuss, or time

Episode 21 // Nothing is better than making someone we love smile. That’s the photo-worthy moment right there! The thing is... we sometimes put so much pressure on those moments to be photo-worthy that we miss the moment itself. 

But what is the moment really about? It's about the special person you are celebrating. It's about their happiness, the relationship, and making them feel special. It’s not actually about the photo you can post on Instagram or meeting the expectations of the Pinterest posts that you scrolled through. It’s about your person. 

Today, we'll take a look at 7 ideas for how to show your people that you love them. Simple ideas that don’t require a lot of money, create a lot of pressure, or take a lot of time. “Keep it simple” is sometimes the best way to celebrate someone, because we can keep the focus where it belongs… on them!

Let’s dive in, friend! 




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As I mentioned in the episode as a disclaimer, I am a licensed therapist but this podcast is not therapy. It is not personal advice to your specific situation. If you believe professional counseling may be helpful for you in this season of life, you may find this article on the Love Your People Well website helpful.

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