Love Your People Well - Christian Family Life, Marriage, Motherhood, and Mental Health

Friend, I know how much care, effort, time, and energy you put into loving your family. You pour out your heart for your kids, invest in your marriage, manage the house - and you’re making every effort to keep Jesus at the center of it all.

But I also know how overwhelming family life can be!

We live in such a distracting world. And even the best relationships eventually include some disappointment, discouragement, or a season of distance. We get stuck in a rut, we give in to some mom anger (or mom guilt), and we lose track of our own mental health or spiritual growth.

How do we love our people well when we’re running on empty? When we’re running out of ideas, running out of energy, or running out of patience? When we’re spiritually dry and pouring from an empty cup?

I’m Jess, and I believe that God not only can equip and encourage us in these hard moments of life family, but I also believe that He delights to do so. He uses every moment for growth and goodness. I believe that He creates us for relationship - with him and with each other.

In my 10+ years as a marriage and family therapist, I’ve helped hundreds of women strengthen their family relationships. As a Christian, a wife, and a mom, I know that Christian family life is hard work. But, my friend, it is also holy work. Your marriage, motherhood, and family relationships are wildly important! And, let’s not forget, so is your own mental health, emotional wellness, and spiritual growth.

On this podcast, you’ll not only find biblical encouragement for your family life, you’ll find practical tips and relationship strategies that I use in my own home and with hundreds of women in the counseling room. Twice a week, we’ll look together at how we can love God, love ourselves, love our family, and love others.

Want to connect further? You’ll find a TON of great resources at

Let me also invite you to join our free, private online community at and to invite you to connect with me personally on social media @loveyourpeoplewell and by email at

Hugs and blessings, friend! I’ll talk to you soon.

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